Have you ever looked at the statistics of the World’s population? Or you have taken time to think of the numerous people who are making positive impacts on people’s lives? And you ask yourself what you have to offer to the world. You want to improve the health care of nations? There are people doing so already. You want to be the first this or that? There are people who have broken world records in different phases of life, there are even people who are already breaking the records you desire to break while you’re still in the making of your BIG DREAMS. Then you wonder what’s left for you to do so that the world feels your existence.

Several times, I have thrown some of my goals inside trash cans because I didn’t think it was going to be of POSITIVE INFLUENCE on the world. There were also times when I was doubtful about my strength, zeal, perseverance and determination to achieve my goals in life. Yet, I ask myself the same question: ‘do I matter?’ Each time I asked myself this question, I had a thousand and one reasons to conclude that I was of less or no importance to the world. And there was just one reason why I believed I was important to the world: the world relies on me. If one continues to think about the unavailability of reasons why he/she should believe that he/she is the world’s biggest hope, one may end up with no good reasons to stand up, show up for the world and make the lives of people better with little things that matter.

I discovered my passion for writing and other artistic activities at a quite early stage of my life. And I love to sit alone and observe my environment; the activities, people, things. I started with poetry; I wrote what I believed were poems (even though some of them weren’t really poems, but prose. Lol) I continued to polish my writing skills as I grew up. With time, I was getting the exposure that I needed at different stages of my development. And for some years, I was building and polishing my ability to produce good poetic works. As I continued to breed myself, I realised that my skills began to multiply; I developed from poetry to prose. And I have always loved photography, and my passion for it grew deeper earlier this year. I don’t own a professional camera yet, but I didn’t let the PASSION cool down; I nurtured it on one side while I focused on my writings. Fortunately for me, I got an iPhone as a gift. The moment the phone came into the big picture, I knew I had to do something about my passion for photography. I began to take pictures of my immediate environment. I downloaded applications that could help me with photography and editing. I created a familiarity with the applications and I tested my ability to do some practical work with them. Then I opened an Instagram page (SHADESANDCOLOURS1980) where I could post some of my amateur photos. I wasn’t going to wait for the big stage before I nurtured my skills. I was willing to build my big picture life from the humble beginning.

While many people wait on the readymade goals and realities, I believe that every small start has a purpose.

One person can’t help everybody. But everybody can help one person.

Everyone of us on earth matters because the world wasn’t built for one person. And one person’s need lies in everybody else, the same way everybody’s needs lie in each and every human beings here on earth. Whenever you doubt your importance to the world, I want you to always remember that YOU MATTER.

I trust you have a reason to believe that YOU MATTER. Do the world a favour by sharing this article. Someone somewhere needs you to share this with them.