FLIP | Olaitan Maryam M.

FLIP | Olaitan Maryam M.

Your love flips

Like rusted coins.

To and fro,to and fro,

But, it’s never here.

Your love flips

As withered wings,

Yet, my heart sticks.

Through the Holes…

Through the Holes…

I saw your heart

Through the holes in your eyes.

I saw 

The fears, tears, cares and curses.

I saw fire,

I saw love

And danger.

I saw your thoughts

Through the lines on your forehead,

I saw the fiery fierceness in

The hollow of your heart.

I saw your heart; 

The deeps and darks; all within you.

©Olaitan Maryam M.

A Paradise Within Flesh

A Paradise Within Flesh

(A duet by Olaitan Maryam M. and Osoba Taiwo Peter)

Let me live in your heart,
Lest the world be against me.
Shield me,
So, I may be as fragile as your soul.

Let me write on your heart; as it beats,
Let me see your soul,
Hear your Spirit,
And feel your body.

Dwell in the paradise that fuels my soul;
The heart within my flesh,
Lest you wander…

Come in,
Oh, come in!
Lest you be defiled by
The waists that lie beside
The gates of Solomon…